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WD My Cloud USB Backup

There are several ways to back up all the data on your WD My Cloud device. Using the USB backup option, you can back up the WD My Cloud data to a USB drive or vice versa. Let us now discuss in detail the procedure for creating a USB backup of WD My Cloud. If you attach a USB external device to WD My Cloud, you will be converting the USB drive into a shared network drive. The USB drive will then gain the capabilities listed below:

  • The external USB device will start serving as a target for all your backups.
  • You will also have the facility of mapping the external drive in the form of a user share drive.
  • In case a WD external drive has been locked while attached to your WD My Cloud, the security will be maintained. You can easily unlock or relock the WD external drive using the Dashboard.

USB External Drive To Your WD My Cloud

  • The first step for creating a USB backup of WD My Cloud is to Locate the USB port on your WD My Cloud device and connect the USB external drive to that USB port.
  • The USB external drive is displayed as a share on your WD My Cloud Dashboard.
  • Whenever you want, you can view the details of your USB drive just by clicking on the USB icon at the top of the page.

Externally Connected USB Drives

  • FAT32
  • NTFS
  • HFS+J

Now, there are two different methods using which you can create a USB backup of your My Cloud device:

  • Using the back USB port
  • Using the front USB port

Let us now see how to go about the second method for creating a USB backup of WD My Cloud, which is creating front USB port backups.

Creating A USB Backup Of Wd My Cloud

Front USB Port Backups Using USB Copy Button

Make use of these instructions to create a backup job. By performing this backup job, you will be copying the contents of your USB external drive to your WD My Cloud:

  • First, locate the front USB port (port 1) on your WD My Cloud device.
  • Next, insert your USB external drive into the front USB port.
  • You can see the USB Copy button above your USB port. Press this USB Copy button for approximately 5 seconds. This action will create a backup job for your external USB drive.
  • Now, on the Navigation bar, click the Backups option. This action will display the Backups screen.
  • Next, select the USB Backups option (in case it is not selected already).
  • The backup job will be displayed as USB_Port_1 in the USB Backup Jobs section.
  • Now, to copy the data of the USB external drive to your My Cloud device, click on the Start Backup button. In the USB Backup Jobs section, you can view the progress of your backup job.
  • To access all of the backed up data, you have to go to the Public -> USB Port folder. Now you are successfully creating a USB backup of WD My Cloud.