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How to Forgot Id For Wd My Book Essential?

Portable hard drives are extremely easy to use and help in storing a large amount of data. When you want to access the data, connect the drive to a computer and open it. Many hard drives come with security features to protect the drive data. WD drives have the WD SmartWare, which allows users to easily back up the data and secures the drive using a password. If you forgot the ID for your WD My Book Essential, continue reading to learn how to unlock the drive to access the data and Forgot Id For Wd My Book Essential on it.

Solution-1: Hard reset

  • Perform the hard reset on the drive to erase all the drive data and recover it later.
  • Disconnect the WD My Book drive from your computer, but keep it turned on.
  • Find the reset button or Security Slot at the back of the drive.
  • Straighten a paperclip and insert it into the security slot and hold the reset button for less than 5 seconds. 
  • This reset is known as a short reset because the drive settings will not be changed.
  • Connect the drive to the computer and check if you can unlock it. 
  • If you cannot, then try the following reset method.
  • Again, keep the drive disconnected from your computer and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Within a few seconds, the drive will reboot. All the drive settings will be erased and restored to the default factory settings.

Solution-2: Drive Erase

  • Connect the WD drive to your computer and enter the wrong password on the drive lock screen.
  • Open the WD Drive Unlock utility on the computer.
  • Enter the incorrect password five times. Now, you will see the “Too many password attempts” message.
  • Read the Forgot Id For Wd My Book Essential instructions, tick the checkbox beside I understand, and click Format to erase the drive.
Forgot Id For Wd My Book Essential