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Why My WD Hard Drive Can't Showing Up

Sometimes, your WD hard drive not showing up on Windows computers. Before fixing it, if your WD hard drive has data on it, you'll have to find a way to back it up first. Because there are chances for the data on the drive to get deleted while you try to fix the drive.So you should take a backup of the files.

There are many methods to fix a WD hard drive that is not showing up.Here, we’ll see the method to change the drive letter to make the hard drive detectable.

WD Hard Drive Not Showing Up
  • Right-click on the Windows Button and select Manage and then select Disk Management.
  • The WD hard drive, which is the external drive, does not have a letter assigned to it, and therefore, it won't show up as a usable drive. So what you have to do is right-click on the drive and click on Delete Volume.
  • You'll see a prompt to confirm whether you want to delete the volume.
  • Click Yes and the space on the drive becomes unallocated.
  • Again, right-click on the WD drive and click on New Simple Volume.
  • Click Next and then Next again.
  • If you want a drive letter, select one from the drop-down list. If you don't want to click it, do not assign a drive letter or drive path. The computer will assign the drive letter automatically when it is mounted.
  • Now hit Next.
  • If you are using the drive on windows, choose the NTFS file system. For Windows and Mac compatibility, you can choose exFAT.
  • Leave the checkmark that says Perform a Quick Format and click Next.
  • Finally, click on Finish. In a few seconds, you can see that the Disk now ready.
  • You can now use your WD hard drive for saving your files. If you need remote assistance to fix WD hard drive not showing up issue, click the call button available on the screen.