How to Add Apps to WD TV Live?

WD TV Live is a media device that enables you to watch your favorite programs, channels, videos, etc. when connected over a network. This WD product was stopped in August 2016, but some people are still using their old WD Live TV device. If you are eager to add an app to the WD product, there is a feature named ‘USB apps,’ which lets you create your app. But there is no proper documentation or manual on how to develop the app via USB and the original SDK has been removed by the developers from the official website. Read more on How to add apps to WD TV Live.

How to Add Apps to WD TV Live
  • Download any app from any official webpage, Microsoft Store, or App Store on your computer.
  • If the file is zipped, then extract it and save it on the system.
  • Save it on a USB flash drive, that was rooted or formatted using the FAT32 or EXT32 file system.
  • Make sure every file on the drive is correctly extracted.
  • Next, connect your USB flash drive to the WD TV Live device and wait until the device detects the drive.
  • When the WD TV Live main screen appears on the screen, select Settings, and then choose the System option.
  • Navigate to the Reboot Screen menu and click it.
  • Now, the WD device starts to reboot, wait for some time until the device turns on.
  • As it turns on and when the main screen reappears, click Services, select All applications, and select Apps on USB.
  • Find the app that you have extracted and saved on the USB device and click OK to open it.

If you are facing issues regarding how to add apps to WD TV live. Click the call button available on the screen.