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My Passport Wireless Pro, developed by WD, is a storage device with a capacity of 2TB and 3TB. Since it is a wireless device, most of the devices connect to it via a wireless network. The other accessories provided with the WD My Passport Wireless Pro are a USB 3.0 cable, a USB AC power adapter, and an installation guide. The drive is a travel-friendly device, and the two USB cables are provided for easy charging. Before you start setting up the Wireless Pro drive, you have to charge the battery so for you have to know how to charge Wd my passport wireless pro.


Go on to read how to charge Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro.

  • It is important to charge the battery before using the drive because traveling or shipping time could have decreased the factory charge of the drive so you have to know how to charge Wd my passport wireless pro.
  • Now, connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port on the WD drive.
  • Take the AC power adapter and connect the other end of the cable to the adapter.
  • You have to plug the adapter to an electrical wall socket and switch the outlet on.
  • As the drive charges, the Power and Battery status LED light indicator flashes on the drive.
  • The number of lights on the drive denotes the battery charge level of the drive.
  • When the battery is fully charged, the Battery status indicates the four blue lights.
  • If you cannot see any of these indicator lights, then connect the drive to the router network and connect the computer to the same network.
  • Open the drive window on the computer; you can see the bolt symbol on the battery panel.
  • Otherwise, navigate to the Hardware page and then go to the Power Status section.
  • The status reads “Charging” if the drive is charging this is done after you know how to charge Wd my passport wireless pro.