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Steps to Reset WD Easystore

WD EasyStore is an external hard drive to store all types of data, such as video, audio, images, and documents. It saves the system storage by backing up the data present on the computer. Not all the time the drive works perfectly, sometimes it faces technical glitches. One way to resolve the issue is to perform the factory reset on the drive. Resetting the drive erases the data and the settings, and makes the drive to return to the default factory settings. Hence, keep the reset method as the last option to fix any hard drive issue. The following procedure will help you to perform how to factory reset WD EasyStore drive.

how to factory reset WD EasyStore
  • The reset steps are known as the Hard Reset, and it involves two levels.
  • Before you begin the reset process, make sure to back up the data on the drive, and then proceed to reset. 
  • If you have connected the WD drive to a computer or any other device, disconnect it, but keep it turned on.
  • Look for the small reset button placed inside a hole (pinhole) on the drive’s panel.
  • Straighten a paper clip or pin or thin narrow object to press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds.
  • This is the first level of reset named ‘short reset.’ Doing the above step does not erase the drive’s settings and data OR not complete the how to factory reset WD EasyStore function.
  • Continue to the next level by holding the reset button for 10 seconds.
  • After the long reset, the drive resets completely, erases the entire drive data and settings.
  • Wait for some time and you can see the drive restarting.
  • Following that, connect the drive to the computer and check if the drive is reset to the default factory settings.