WD Blue SSD Installation

The WD Blue SSD is an additional external device that helps bringing in more space to the computer system. Imagine having a high-end computer game, and you have less space on your computer to save the loaded game? Isn’t it a bit annoying? Western Digital has you covered for this setback.With the help of the WD Blue SSD, you can make it more applicable for gaming, HD media playback, and has a space of 250 GB to 4 TB. The primary use of the WD Blue SSD is that it helps in protecting data losses when your computer experiences a sudden shutdown. With several error-correction technologies, it helps in safeguarding your computer for years to come. With the read and write capacity of 560Mb/s and 530 Mb/s, it brings out a superior performance to your computer.So, once you have purchased the WD Blue SSD hard drive, to know how to install WD Blue SSD hard drive proceed with below steps.

how to install WD Blue SSD
  • Open the CPU panel, and you will see a list of drivers installed for the system.
  • You will see a couple of hard drive slots for additional drivers.
  • Use a screwdriver and gently unscrew one bay.
  • When you take out the slot, you will find holes in each corner, and the holes are for connecting the WD Blue SSD to the slot and holding it firm.
  • Place the WD Blue SSD in the slot firmly, start fixing the screws in each of the slots provided and screw until it goes entirely in.
  • You will find additional power connections to connect the SSD device to the computer.
  • The connection slot comes in an L shape, so make sure the connection cable goes firmly with the slot provided in the WD SSD device.
  • Now, connect the SSD connector to the WD SSD device.
  • Once the connection is made, place the hard drive to the same slot provided in the CPU.
  • Insert the screw to seal the slot.

There we go. The WD Blue SSD device is now installed on your computer. The how to install WD Blue SSD on PC completed successfully.