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Installation Of WD My Passport Ultra On Windows 10

WD My Passport Ultra is an external storage drive that comes with automatic backup and hardware encryption. This external drive is supported by Windows 10. The 2TB My Passport Ultra has three years limited warranty. You can use your WD My Passport Ultra to store all your photos, videos, documents, music, and other such files. To install WD My Passport Ultra on Windows 10, refer to the below steps.

Install WD My Passport Ultra On Windows 10

Unique Features Of WD My Passport Ultra

  • Password protection
  • High capacity of compact storage
  • Ultra-fast transfer
  • Supports USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • Compatible with not only Windows 10, but also Windows 7, 8, and Vista
  • Automatic cloud storage

Let us now see how to install WD My Passport Ultra on your Windows 10 computer.

Unboxing WD My Passport Ultra:

  • Take the box that contains the WD My Passport Ultra drive and break its seal.
  • The WD My Passport Ultra drive comes in four different colors, such as red, black, blue, and titanium.
  • Take out the WD hard drive from the box. You will find that its front part is very glossy and elegant.
  • The drive weighs around 231 grams, so it is very light-weight.
  • You can see the Western Digital (WD) logo at the bottom of the drive.
  • You will also find the 3.0 connecting cable slot.

Components Available In The Box

  • The cable that you will use to connect the My Passport Ultra drive to your Windows 10 desktop/laptop.
  • The technical support and limited warranty guides.
  • You can keep both the above components aside for later use.
  • You have now finished unboxing your WD My Passport Ultra. Continue reading to know how to install WD My Passport Ultra on Windows 10.

Connecting WD My Passport Ultra Drive To Pc

  • First, make sure that your computer is turned on.
  • Take the cable (that came with your WD external drive) and insert one of its ends into the WD external drive.
  • Connect the same cable’s other end to your Windows 10 computer.
  • Immediately after you establish the connection, you will find that the My Passport icon appears on your Windows 10 desktop (or laptop).
  • Now that you have completed the connection, read on to find out the rest of the steps to install the WD My Passport Ultra on Windows 10.

Accessing Folders Inside WD My Passport Ultra

  • Right-click on the My Passport icon located on your screen. From the displayed options, choose Get Info.
  • You can see the My Passport Info appearing on your screen.
  • You can also see that the external drive is in NTFS mode.

When you open WD My Passport Ultra, you will be able to see the following folders:

  • bin
  • Extras
  • User Manuals (in different languages)
  • WD Apps for Mac
  • WD Apps for Windows
  • WD Apps Setup.exe

Transferring Files To WD My Passport Ultra

  • You can now try transferring (or copying) the files from your Windows 10 computer to your WD My Passport Ultra.
  • If you transfer a file of about 900 MB from your computer to your My Passport drive, you will find that it takes less than a minute. The transfer speed is so impressive.
  • You have now successfully install WD My Passport Ultra on Windows 10.