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How to Open WD My Book?

If you want to disassemble the WD My Book external drive and examine it, you can easily open and reassemble it. Make sure to be careful while opening the external drive. If you break any small contacts while dissembling, it may cause issues while working. It is not recommended to touch any chips or contacts inside the drive to avoid failure. You can also open the WD My Book external drive to check for any faults or defects on the drive.

Carry out the step-by-step procedure given below to open WD My Book external drive.

  • You can open the WD My Book external drive using a flat blade screwdriver and Philips screwdriver.
  • Use a thin flat blade screwdriver to open the WD My Book external drive.
  • Insert the screwdriver carefully between the plastic upper part and metal body.
  • First, insert the screwdriver behind the WD logo above the USB port section.
  • Move the screwdriver around the case to open up the cover.
  • Open the cover by sliding it to view the contents inside.
  • Press the bottom of the drive to release the tabs holding the cover with the screwdriver and entirely open the cover.
  • Gently remove the holders on the sides to take out the inner driver.
  • You can use the Philips screwdriver to open the other parts.
  • Remove the screws on all sides and the back of the drive.
  • To open the circuit board, remove the screws holding them.
  • Now, remove the four screws on the sides of the drive.
Open WD My Book
  • You have successfully opened the WD My Cloud external drive.
  • You can reassemble the drive after fixing the defects on the drive.
  • To fix them back together, repeat the steps in the reverse order.
  • Click the Call button provided on this web page to get assistance to Open WD My Book