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Steps To Open WD My Book External Hard Drive

WD My Book is a storage drive that supports all computers via a USB cable connection. You can store different types of data, such as documents, videos, audios, and images on the drive. When the WD hard drive damages physically due to mishandling or extreme conditions, you need to open up the drive for the recovery purpose. Use the following steps for how to open WD My Book external hard drive

  • Get a flathead screwdriver and a normal screwdriver of the Phillips brand to disassemble the drive.
  • Open the top cover of the WD drive using the flathead screwdriver.
  • Next, remove the mesh from the top cover by uprooting the edges of the mesh and create a gap between the cover and mesh.
  • Place a clip or tweezers in the gap to prevent the cover and mesh from hitting.
  • Also, ensure that you do not separate the mesh abruptly from the cover as it can break into pieces.
  • Some tabs are attached to the hard drive case. So use the screwdriver to press the tabs and separate the cover from the tabs.
  • After the cover is completely removed, unscrew the four screws at the back of the drive.
  • Following that, remove both the screws that hold the circuit board to the drive.
  • Now, unscrew the four screws present at the sides of the drive, where one screw is present below the LED tubes.
  • So carefully remove the LED tubes and then unscrew the last screw located beneath it.
how to open WD My Book external hard drive
  • Take off the drive’s disc separately from the board and go on to recover the data or replace it with a new SATA drive. Now, you successfully open WD My Book external hard drive and setting up it.