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Steps to Protect WD My Cloud from Hackers

Once you start using the WD My Cloud, you will also have to have it password-protected, so any files or photos/videos in the cloud cannot be accessed easily by just a simple hacking.Have your WD my cloud password-protected the while setting up your WD to a wireless router or through the Ethernet cable.


  • Hackers use passwords as the first tool and make good use of your My Cloud.
  • Create a secure password and enter some special characters to protect your my cloud. 
  • Avoid using default/weak passwords like ‘password’ or ’123.’
  • Kindly update your password on a regular basis and make sure only you can have access to your WD my cloud.
  • When you update your password, make sure you are not reusing the same characters.
  • Make sure you always remember the security question asked during the initial setup.
  • The security answer must be something known only to you because when a stranger accessing your My Cloud can click on the Forgot password option and answer an easy question to gain access to your Cloud.
  • Ensure that your contact number and email notifications are enabled.
  • The notifications will give you alerts if a stranger is trying to access your My Cloud.
  • Always enable a secondary authentication verification.

Follow the above steps to Protect WD My Cloud from Hackers.

How to Protect WD My Cloud from Hackers