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How To Do Wd TV Live VPN Setup?

Using your WD TV Live, you can conveniently play music, pictures, and videos from USB drives. You will also be able to play standard video via composite video cables and high-definition video via HDMI port. WD TV Live can be used to access over 3,00,000 movies and TV shows. To set up a VPN for WD Tv live, carry out the steps below.

Necessity Of A VPN Service

You can make use of your streaming media players to view online HD content on huge HDTV screens. But as an owner of such devices, you will be facing one particular issue: you will not be able to get access to all the content on many of the popular media portals because of geographical limitations. And, here is where a VPN service comes into play.

When you subscribe to a VPN service, you will be able to mask your real IP address. You can then choose an IP address using which you can overcome the geographical limitations on the media portals that you were not able to access previously.

Therefore, when you utilize a VPN service, your real IP address will not be visible to anyone using the Internet. Shortly put, we can say that a VPN service permits you to access all the content on the media portals seamlessly, and at the same time, it ensures the security of your information.

Now, we are going to see the procedure to set up a VPN service for your WD TV Live through a laptop. The crux of the entire set up that we are going to deal with is setting up a VPN on your laptop and then connecting your WD TV Live to the laptop. By doing this, you get to enjoy the benefits as well as the security offered by the VPN service.

VPN Setup Basic Requirements

Before start to set up a VPN for WD Tv live, let us see the basic requirements that should be met with:

  • First and foremost, you will need a VPN service.
  • Secondly, you will need a laptop with a wireless network adapter and an RJ45 port.
  • You will also need a wireless Internet connection.
  • You should have a regular Ethernet cable.
Set Up A VPN For WD TV Live

Setting Up VPN WD TV Live:

  • First, on your laptop, go to Start and then launch the Control Panel.
  • Next, navigate to the Network and Internet section.
  • Now, click the Network and Sharing Center link. Under the View your Active Networks option, click on Local Area Connection.
  • Please select the Properties option. Then, choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  • Now, click on Properties.
  • Then, click the radio button next to the Use the following address option.
  • It is now time to enter this IP Address:
  • Next, enter this Subnet mask:
  • You can leave the Default Gateway, the DNS Server, and the Alternate DNS Server fields empty.
  • Now, click on the VPN connection that you have created. Choose Properties to set up a VPN for WD Tv live.
  • Click the Sharing tab.
  • It is now time to select the Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection option.
  • You should now go to Home Networking Connection. Below this option, you can see a drop-down menu. From this menu, choose Local Area Connection.
  • Please make sure that the Establish a dial up connection option is not selected.
  • Also, confirm that the Allow other network users to control option is not selected.

Getting Your WD TV Live Ready:

  • The first step is to power on your WD TV.
  • The next step is to navigate to the Settings menu. You can do this step by using the Arrow buttons.
  • Now, please press the Enter button. Then, go to the Network Settings menu and then press Enter.
  • Select the Network Setup option and then press Enter again.
  • In the Network Setup section, choose the Wired connection option. Press Enter.
  • From the options provided for Select Connection Mode, select Manual.
  • In the IP Address field, enter
  • In the Subnet mask field, type
  • You can just leave the rest of the settings blank.
  • Finally, choose the Finish button followed by the Enter button.

You have now successfully set up a VPN for WD Tv live.