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Setting Up WD Elements For Mac

WD Elements is a storage device used for backing up your data or storing the files and folders. If you wish to Set Up WD Elements For Mac, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Set Up WD Elements For Mac
  • First, connect the WD Elements hard drive to a wall outlet using the supplied power adapter.
  • Next, connect the WD Elements hard drive to your Mac computer using a standard USB cable.
  • Press the Power button at the backside of the WD Elements drive.
  • Turn on the Mac computer and check if it detects the WD Elements hard drive.
  • If it fails to detect, check the connected ports and cable interfaces.
  • On your Mac, click the Finder menu and select Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Finder Preferences window, click the Hard disks as well as the External disks checkboxes.
  • If the problem persists, restart your Mac and try connecting the USB cable to another USB port.
  • Once the WD Elements hard drive is detected, click the Disk Utility icon in the Dock.
  • Otherwise, press the Command + Spacebar shortcut keys to open the Spotlight search.
  • Enter "disk utility" in the search panel and hit the Enter button to launch the Disk Utility app.
  • In the Disk Utility window, navigate to the left-side panel and select your WD Elements hard drive under the External section.
  • After selecting the WD Elements hard drive, click the Erase tab at the top of the window to start formatting the drive.
  • Enter a name for the WD Elements hard drive in the Name field.
  • Next, choose the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) option from the Format drop-down menu.
  • Click the Scheme field and select the GUID Partition Map option.
  • After selecting the necessary settings, click the Erase button.
  • After formatting the drive, you can use it to back up the data from your Mac.
  • If you have difficulties in formatting the WD Elements hard drive, download the WD drive utilities software from the official WD site.
  • Install the software and launch the WD drive utilities software and format the hard drive.
  • If you aren’t able to Set Up WD Elements For Mac, contact our technical support team.
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