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Wd My Book External Hard Drive

Just got your WD MY Book external hard drive? There are a number of ways to use the drive. You will get an idea of “how to use WD My Book external hard drive” through our post.

How to Use Wd My Book External Hard Drive
  • Make sure to properly unbox the WD MY Book drive from its package.
  • Remove the protective film covering the drive.
  • Connect the power cord to the drive and plug in the other end to an electrical outlet.
  • Plug in a USB cable to the WD My Book external hard drive and connect the other end to your computer.
  • Now, open File Explorer from your Windows computer.
  • Open the My Book drive and double-click on the installer file.
  • If you don’t find the .exe file, open the WD Apps for the Windows folder.
  • When prompted for the User Account Control access, click Yes.
  • In the Welcome to WD Apps Setup wizard, click Next.
  • Choose the installation type, and checkmark the I agree with section after reading the terms and conditions of the Western Digital License Agreement. Then, click Next.
  • Complete the rest of the instructions on the screen to install the software.
  • After installing the software, open File Explorer and right-click on the My Book drive.
  • Choose the Format option and select the NTFS option in the File System section.
  • You can now copy the files you want to back up to the WD My Book External drive.
  • For security purposes, you can set a password to the WD My Book drive.
  • You will be prompted to enter the password of the drive if you connect the WD My Book drive to another computer.
  • The WD My Book external hard drive can also be connected over a network.
  • You can stream the contents on the drive by connecting it to your router.
  • If you have no idea on how to Use Wd My Book External Hard Drive, get assistance from our technical experts by clicking the Call button provided below.