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Steps For Using Wd Smartware

WD Smartware is a tool that you must install on the WD hard drive to back up data. Using the Smartware tool, you can schedule the automatic backups and easily control the drive actions. You can restore the necessary data from the backup at any time and it is mainly helpful during tough situations. Before using the WD Smartware for easy drive maintenance, read the below procedure on how to use WD Smartware.

Step-1: Connect The Drive

  • Once you buy a new drive, connect it to a computer using the USB cable provided along with the drive during the purchase.
  • Once the computer detects the WD drive, open the drive’s utility list.

Step-2: Install The WD Software

  • In the drive’s utility, you can find the WD Apps Setup file. Now, open the file to run the installation.
  • Following that, the WD Software Installer window will open up on-screen.
  • Click the Install button and then choose the installation type. The Custom Install option helps you install only the software you select. So, it is better to select Recommended Install to install all the software. 
  • Tick the checkbox of the License Agreement to accept the terms & policies and click Next.
  • The installation progress indicator appears in the window.
  • Click Next once the installation is complete. Continue with the steps below on how to use Wd Smartware to backup device.
How To Use WD Smartware?

Step-3: Choose Backup Device

  • From the given options, select the WD drive as the backup device and click Next.
  • Set the backup frequency by selecting either the Continuous Backup or Scheduled Backup.
  • If you choose the scheduled backup option, make the settings from the options - hourly, daily, or monthly.
  • When the initial backup shows up, click Enable Backup to run the backup or choose Skip Backup.
  • Click OK to complete the setup. If you need a remote assistance on how to use WD Smartware, click the call button available on the screen.