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Guide: Lights Out on WD Wireless SSD

Almost all the devices like routers, modems, wireless printers, wireless storage drives, etc., have LEDs on their panel that indicate the status of the device. Sometimes, when you set up your WD My Passport wireless SSD, the LEDs will turn on and later, they may go out (OFF). To resolve this lights out on WD My Passport Wireless SSD issue, you must know the behavior of the LEDs on your WD drive. The behavior of the LEDs, along with their indications on the WD My Passport Wireless SSD drive are provided on this web page.

Battery Status LED

LED Color Charge Status
Solid blue (All four LEDs) 75% or above
Solid blue (First three LEDs) 50 - 74 %
Solid blue (First two LEDs) 20 - 49 %
Solid blue (Only one LED) 10 - 19 %
Fast blinking blue (Only one LED) 5 - 10 %
Blinking in blue for 5 seconds Unavailable USB port (due to low battery)

The Battery Status LED blinks only when the charge is low. If the Battery Status LED goes OFF, then perform the solution given.

lights out on WD My Passport Wireless SSD

Solution - Charge the Battery

  • Plug an end of the power cable included in the box into the WD My Passport Wireless SSD drive’s USB port.
  • Connect the cable’s other end to the adapter.
  • Plug the adapter to a power socket.

If all the Battery Status LEDs are blinking blue after pressing the Import button, it indicates that the import process is failed. In such cases, try to import your content again.


LED Color Indication
Blinking blue Drive is booting up Connecting to Wi-Fi Shutting Down
Solid blue Connected to Wi-Fi
Blinking blue (fast) Wi-Fi Protected Setup is initiated

Drive Status LED

LED Color Indication
Blinking blue Your SD or USB device is being mounted Firmware update is in progress
  • If all the LEDs are blinking blue with one long and three short blinks, it indicates that the drive is in recovery mode. Recovery mode is usually done when the drive has corrupted configuration settings.
  • If all the lights out on WD My Passport Wireless SSD drive. In such cases, you can contact the WD support team for assistance.