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login not authorized on cloud

When you update to the latest firmware, reboot and try to log in to WD My Cloud Apps, you will face this error message:

Login not authorized

  • login not authorized wd my cloud in this situation, you will be able to access the My Cloud drive through the web browser interface but not the desktop app.
  • The WD Desktop software has not been in use for some time now. In other words, the My Cloud Desktop App has reached the End of Life.
  • The latest update for the Windows version was in 2016. It is not in the list on the software download page for the single-bay (or single-drive) My Cloud for quite some time.
  • Therefore, you have to use either the mobile app on your mobile device or the MyCloud.com web portal.
  • If you want local network access to My Cloud, you can use the Mac Finder or the Windows File Explorer. In case you wish to make things simpler, you can map a local network My Cloud Share to your computer.
  • Users recommend the usage of the My Cloud User Manual. This Manual describes how to use the device and access it from both local and remote networks and fix the error login not authorized wd my cloud.
login not authorized wd my cloud