How To Setup My Passport 3TB External Hard Drive In Windows

The guided instructions given below will help you to set up your My Passport 3TB external hard drive in the Windows system.

  • Check if your Windows system is turned On.
  • If not, turn it On to begin the setup process.
  • Now, connect the My Passport 3TB external hard drive to your Windows system using a USB cable.
  • Wait for your Windows system to recognize the external hard drive.
  • Once your Windows system recognizes the new external hard drive installation, install the WD software that contains WD Backup, Security, and Drive Utilities on your system.
  • Use the installation CD or downloaded WD software file from its official site to begin the installation process.
  • Locate the WD Apps Setup file on your Windows system and double-click it.
  • Now the Welcome to the WD Software Installer screen will appear on the screen.
  • To move into the Installation Type dialog box, click the Next button on the main screen of the installation.
  • Choose the Recommended Install or Custom Install option based on your need.
  • Accept the terms & conditions of the WD End User License Agreement by clicking the I agree button followed by Next.
  • Based on your selected option ( Recommended Install or Custom Install), a dialog box will appear on the screen.
  • Now the WD drive installation process begins.
  • The installation progress is displayed on the center of the screen.
  • Once the WD drive installation is complete, the Cancel button is replaced by Next on the Installation Applications screen.
  • Click the Next button. Now the installation Complete dialog box will appear on the screen with three options.
  • The three options are Back up files with WD Backup, Set security with WD Security, and Manage your device with WD Drive Utilities.
  • Click any one of the options you wish to use.
  • Otherwise, click the Finish button available at the bottom of the screen to close the installation Complete dialog box.

How To Setup My Passport 3TB External Hard Drive In Mac

To know how to set up your My Passport 3TB external hard drive in the Mac system, read and proceed with the instructions given below.

  • To use the My Passport 3TB external hard drive on your Mac system, first, you need to reformat the drive.
  • Follow the instructions given below to reformat your My Passport 3TB external hard drive.
  • Launch the Disk Utility application on your Mac system by clicking its icon available on the taskbar.
  • If you can’t find the Disk Utility icon on the taskbar, then click the Spotlight icon from the menu bar and enter its keyword on it.
  • Once the Disk Utility option appears on the screen, double-click on it.
  • Now, locate your external hard drive and select it.
  • Click the Erase button available at the top of the menu bar.
  • Enter your drive name in the Name text field and choose a new Format option from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Erase button. Wait for the erasing process to complete.
  • Once your WD hard drive is reformatted successfully, re-install the WD Drive Security software on your Mac system.
  • Go to the WD Hard drives official site and look for the software file that suits your operating system.
  • After selecting the WD drive file, click the Download button.
  • Once the WD drive software file is downloaded on your system, click the Show Downloads icon.
  • Now the Downloads folder will open.
  • Locate the WD_Security_Installer_Mac.dmg file and double-click on it.
  • To begin the installation, double-click on the WD Security Installer file, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Click the checkbox on the Welcome screen to accept the terms & conditions of the WD Security software.
  • Tap the Install button. To continue the installation, you will be prompted to enter your Mac system password in the given field.
  • Enter your Mac system password in the given field and click the OK button.
  • After the WD software installation on your Mac system, launch it by following the instructions given below.
  • Tap Finder Applications WD Security.

How To Retrieve Files From My Passport 3TB External Hard Drive

  • You can make use of a data recovery software to retrieve files from your WD hard drive. 
  • Instructions are specified below for the MiniTool data recovery software. 
  • Download and install the MiniTool software on your system from the official site. 
  • After it installs successfully on your system, open it and choose the This PC option. 
  • Make sure that you have connected your WD My Passport external hard drive to the computer using a USB cable. 
  • Select the external drive from the list of drives displayed and tap the Scan button. 
  • Once the list of files is displayed on your screen, you have to tick the checkbox present near the files that you want to recover. 
  • Click the Recover button and store it to a different location.

Western Digital My Passport 3TB External Hard Drive Issues

Your Western Digital hard drive issues such as drive not detected, malware threats, and more can be easily resolved if you take the right troubleshooting step. Follow the solutions that are stated below to solve such issues. 

My Passport 3TB Not Being Detected

  • First, check if the USB cable or port is the problem. Connect the USB cable you are using to a different port and check if the issue is resolved.
  • If you find the cable to be defective, then replace the cable with a new one to sort out this problem. 
  • Now, change the drive letter and the path of the WD drive to resolve this issue.
  • To do so, launch the Run dialog box on your system and key in diskmgmt.msc in the textbox. Tap Enter.
  • Find your WD drive and right-click on it to select the Change Drive Letter and Paths option. 
  • Tap the Add and Choose the Drive Letter option and then click the OK button.
  • Select the Change option and mention a different letter for the drive.
  • Now, restart the computer and examine if the problem has been resolved.

Can't Copy Files From My PC To My Passport 3TB External Hard Drive

  • If you face this issue, then you have to reformat the WD hard drive. 
  • First, connect the WD external hard drive to your Mac system using a cable. 
  • Once the drive is recognized, open it and check if the files are available. 
  • Copy the files that are available on your drive to the system. 
  • Next, reformat the Select the Applications option from the Finder menu. 
  • Choose the Utilities option followed by the Disk Utilities option. Select the drive you have connected and go to the Erase tab. 
  • Select the Mac OS Extended option as the Volume Format. 
  • Once the reformat process is over, copy the files to the hard drive. 
  • Check if you are able to copy files from your mac system. 

My Passport 3TB USB Device Not Recognized On Mac

  • Check if you have allowed external disks to be recognized on your system. 
  • Select the Preferences option from the Finder menu. Go to the Show these items on the Desktop section and tick the box near the External Disks option. 
  • Navigate to Utility and check if the drives are displayed in the left panel. 
  • Check if you have connected the cable properly to the system and the drive. 
  • Also, check if there are any issues with the cable you are using. 
  • Now, you have to verify if there are any updates for the applications installed on your Mac system. 
  • Tap the Apple icon and choose the App Store option. Click the Update All option to download and install all the updates available. 

Passport Suddenly Not Being Recognized On Mac After Using On PS4

  • Disconnect the WD drive that you have connected to the system and plug it in after a few minutes. 
  • Reboot your Mac system to resolve this not recognized error. Check if your cable has been damaged and replace it if required. 
  • Connect the drive to a different computer to check if the problem is with the system or WD drive. 
  • Check if your My Passport is recognized under Disk utility. If it is recognized but grayed out, then follow the below-given solutions. 
  • First, you have to manually mount your WD drive by navigating to Disk Utility available under Utilities. 
  • Tap the Show All Devices and select your WD drive from the list displayed and click the Mount button available in the window. 
  • The next solution is to go to Disk Utility and choose the WD eternal hard drive. Tap the First Aid button. 
  • Once the repair process is over, you have to click the Done button. 
  • Reformat the drive and then check if the problem is being solved. 
  • Navigate to Disk Utility and choose your WD drive that is available in the left panel. 
  • Tap the Erase button available in the top part of the screen. Specify the new format, partition scheme, and other details of your drive. 
  • Click the Erase button to start deleting the data. 
  • Once the reformat process is over, check if the error has been rectified.