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Wd 8tb My Book Desktop Usb 3.0

Wd my book desktop is a storage device that can store a high volume of data from Cloud Backup and Local backup. The connection is made through a USB 3.0 connection cable. It secures the files with a password and prevents unauthorized users from accessing them. A USB cable of the 3.0 standard is provided along with the WD drive purchase.

Data transfer speed of the USB cable

For a USB 3.0 cable, the maximum data transfer is up to 5 Gb/s. You can use a lower capacity USB cable to the USB interface, USB 2.0, for which the speed is 480Mb/s.

WD My Book drive connection:

  • Connect the power cord to the wall socket and the other end to the WD drive.
  • After that, link the drive and the computer with the USB 3.0 cable to the USB ports on the devices.
Wd My Book Desktop


Even after connecting the drive and turning it on, if the system does not detect it, check the following USB troubleshooting solutions.

  • You can use USB 3.1, USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 cables to connect the drive to the computer, but before you start connecting, check if the USB drivers are up-to-date on the system.
  • Install the correct version of the adapter card driver; if it is an obsolete version, then remove and reinstall the drivers.
  • Find if the computer supports USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 cards on the system hardware manual. In case the system is not compatible with these USB cards, then the system would not detect the USB drive.
  • If you want to improve the USB data transfer rate, then install the PCI express slot on the system for connecting the USB 3.0 interface cable. These are the procedure to configure Wd My Book Desktop.