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WD Backup Is Not Get Anything On My Pc

Western Digital offers WD Backup for backing up the files, documents, and photos to a WD drive. If your WD backup is not bringing up anything on my PC, go through the troubleshooting steps given below.

Case 1: If WD Backup Missed a Backup

  • If you have already enabled a scheduled backup, some files may not back up properly to your WD drive and you will be notified with the ‘These files failed to back up’ error message.
  • To fix this problem, close all the running programs and rerun the file system backup with administrator rights.
  • Verify that you have full permissions to all directories and files.
  • If necessary, change the backup policy and stop the backup to open your files.
WD Backup Is Not Bringing Up Anything On My Pc

Case 2: WD Backup Stuck While Preparing a Backup

  • In case WD Backup is not bringing up anything on your computer while performing the backup, close the WD Backup app and ensure that no firewall or antivirus software is installed on your Windows computer is blocking you from backing up your data.
  • Open the Command Prompt app with administrator rights and run the System File Checker and the DISM tool to automatically fix the corrupted files on your PC.
  • Next, open the Windows Services and check if the status of the services is running and the Startup type for the services has been set to Automatic for the following WD services.
  • WD Backup
  • WD Backup Drive Helper
  • WD Backup Snapshot
  • WD Drive Manager
  • If necessary, you can also restart the WD services on your PC.
  • When no troubleshooting steps mentioned above resolve the WD Backup software, open the Run dialog box and type ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the text field. Hit Enter to open the list of programs installed on your Windows computer.
  • Select the WD Backup software and click the Uninstall button to remove it from your PC.
  • Reinstall the app and reboot your computer.
  • Run the WD Backup software to check if the problem has been resolved.
  • Still your WD backup is not bringing up anything on my PC, contact our technical support team for further troubleshooting.