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Wd Backup Windows 10

WD produces storage devices mostly for backup purposes. It has both portable and non-portable storage devices. In most cases, the setup software and the drive manual are present on the drive itself; thus, you can easily connect the drive to a computer. The WD device supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista systems. Use the following steps to do Wd backup windows 10 on your computer .

For WD My Passport:

  • Connect the WD drive to the Windows 10 computer using a USB cable.
  • Following that, open the File Explorer of the system, access the WD Apps folder.
  • Unzip the folder and open the WD Apps Setup file.
  • When the WD Apps Setup window appears on the screen, choose the WD Backup option and click Next.
  • Wait until the installation completes, then set the Automatic Backups schedule and the Files, which you want to include from the Windows 10 library or folder.
  • After that, click the Start backup button, and the process starts.
  • Click the Backup icon at the top of the window to view the backup progress.
  • The other backup information such as the Last Backup, Automatic Backups, and Included files can be seen below.
  • Following that, the restoring options appear in the window. If you want to restore files to the original location, select Original Location.
Wd Backup Windows 10
  • Otherwise, choose the Select Location option and browse the location you wish to restore the data.
  • Finally, click the Select Files to Restore button, then the restore files list open up in the panel in the Restore Files window.
  • When the backup data appears on the right panel, choose the data from which you have to restore, and then select the Restore button for Wd backup windows 10.