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The Game Awards is a ceremony that happens every year and its purpose is to celebrate the video game industry’s achievements. And Western Digital was the official storage sponsor of these Awards in 2019. For the past many years, Geoff Keighly was the producer and the host of the Game Awards. He has been using WD devices for his storage requirements for many years. The WD Black Limited Edition bundle honored the partnership that WD had with Keighly.Let’s now look into what the WD BLACK the Game Awards Limited Edition is all about…

WD BLACK The Game Awards Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Bundle Contains The Following

  • The sponsorship insert card
  • The WD_BLACK x The Game Awards Windbreaker

The WD_BLACK drive reduces your wait time while gaming and also helps you get ahead of the game. The most significant aspect of the WD_BLACK drive is its revolutionary NAND technology. The 64-layer 3D NAND exceeds the limitations of storage and displays the fantastic features of NAND innovation. These features help you get extended capacity on just a single-sided drive. It is important to know that this single-sided drive will just be the size of a gum stick, and you can store huge files and video games on it. Now, continue reading to find out more in detail about the WD_BLACK Game Awards Limited Edition.The WD_BLACK SSD has a sleek and modern Heatsink design. This design is suitable for desktop PC builds that support the M.2 form factor. It also complements the systems with RGB lighting and some other cooling technologies. The WD_BLACK SSD Dashboard enables the gaming mode feature and this acts as an important factor in optimizing performance. WD_BLACK is the most suitable device for you if you are looking for something that boosts your system’s effectiveness and allows you to load games and levels fast.We have now discussed the WD BLACK the Game Awards Limited Edition.