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WD Discovery Installation

Western Digital discovery is an all-in-one application that helps in managing your Western Digital devices like My Passport, My Book, and My Cloud drives. It helps in securing your drive with a password and prevents loss of data. The following steps provide the WD discovery installation failed solution.

    Solved: Failed to Install WD Discovery Mac

    • This occurs when the installation or macOS file system is corrupted.
    • It may also happen when you have installed it before and not uninstalled completely or due to any operating system issues.
    • Delete these files if present on your device. Go to Applications --> WD Discovery and delete any files related to Western Digital discovery.
    • Backup your files before starting the procedure.
    • Try rebooting your system and reinstalling WD Discovery from the official WD site. Make sure to install the latest version of the WD Discovery software.

    Solved: Failed to Install WD Discovery Windows

    • Check whether your previous uninstallation has been finished.
    • Third-party antivirus software and other security software will result in blocking your installation of WD software.
    • Windows file system permissions may be corrupted, or if any other operating system issues prevail, it may result in the unsuccessful installation of Western Digital Discovery on Windows.
    • Restart your device and Install it again on the official website. Still, you have a WD discovery installation failed issue reach us.

WD Discovery Software Failed to Install

  • WD discovery installation failed support. Check whether your version of the system is compatible with the Western Digital discovery software.
  • An active internet connection is required to prevent installation failure.
  • The software fails to install when the installation becomes corrupted.
  • Restart your computer and try re-installing the software once the uninstallation is fully complete.
WD Discovery Installation Failed

WD Backup Installed Failed Issue

  • Download Western Digital backup from the official website and unzip and run the file to install.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions correctly to ensure that the backup software is correctly installed.
  • Uninstall the WD backup software completely and close all running software.
  • Grant permission as the Admin user to access all the files on your system.
  • Check whether any Antivirus or Internet security software blocks the installation.
  • Ensure that the Western Digital drive is connected to your device.
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  • WD Backup Drive helper must start while opening WD backup.
  • Try installing the Western Digital Backup software again. Still, you have a WD discovery installation failed issue contact us.