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Wd Drive Utilities for Mac

Western Digital Drive Utilities is a software that helps to control, maintain, and repair the WD Drive. Some features of the WD Drive Utilities Mac are shared below;

  • Repair and troubleshoot issues of the drive
  • Control the drive storage configuration settings
  • Format the drive and remove partitions 
  • By registering the drive, one can claim the warranty for WD drive
  • Make the drive sleep for some time range

The list of macOS versions that support the WD Drive Utilities are;

  • Mac OS 10.9.x
  • Mac OS 10.8.x
  • Mac OS 10.10 to Mac OS 10.15
Wd Drive Utilities Mac

WD Drive Utilities download

  • Before you download the Utilities package, if you already have WD Drive Utilities, then close all the running programs.
  • Next, open the Applications folder and pull down the Applications window.
  • Next, drag the WD Drive Utilities icon on the dock to the Applications folder.
  • Open any web browser on the computer to which the WD Drive is connected.
  • Visit the official WD support website and go to the Software for Mac section.
  • Find the WD Utilities product for the Mac OS version of the computer and click the Download button to start downloading the Utilities package on the computer.

WD Drive Utilities installation

  • Open the WD Drive Utilities file on Mac.
  • In the WD window, select the Install button and finish the installation steps.

Ways to use WD Drive Utilities

  • Open the WD Drive Utilities tool on the Mac computer.
  • Check the protection status of the system by clicking the Run Drive Status Check button.
  • You can scan the WD drive using the Quick Drive Test. If there are any issues with the drive, it appears under Diagnose.
  • In the Drive Erase section, you can format and delete the drive data.
  • NTFS and exFAT are the two format options available. You can select the partition or drive in the Volume category to format.
  • For assistance in downloading and Setting up Wd Drive Utilities Mac, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.