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WD Easystore 10TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive

There are many sophisticated external storage devices manufactured by Western Digital. One among them is the WD EasyStore 10TB External USB 3.0 HDD. While you purchase this WD drive you get a USB 3.0 cable, power adapter, and installation manual along with the product package. Like most of the other WD drives, this drive is also compatible with Windows and Mac devices. The drive is formatted NTFS, which is compatible with both the operating systems. Read below steps to complete the WD Easystore 10TB setup 

Connection & Software Installation:

  • Use the USB cable provided along with the product package to connect the drive andthe computer.
  • Once the computer detects the drive, the drive name appears in the device window.
  • Open the WD Discovery file and run the installer file.
  • If the computer is not connected to the internet, thendownload the offline installer file from the official WD website.
  • Oncethe software installation is completed, open the WD Discovery program and install the WD Backup and WD Utilities.
WD Easystore 10TB setup

Add Cloud Service Account:

  • Mount the WD Backup software. This will open the installation window.
  • Now,click Back up files with WD Backup.
  • You can also open the WD Backup software on the desktop by selecting the WD Backup icon.
  • In the WD Backupwindow, choose the cloud service and click Next.
  • After that, sign in to the cloud service account and make the necessary changes.
  • If the software prompts to allow access, select Yesto continue.
  • As soon asthe message saying the connection is successful appears, select Finish and close the window.

To Restore Files:

  • Launch the WD Backup program on the desktop and select the Restore
  • Now, the Restoredialog box appears in the window.
  • Choose the backup target from which you have to get the files to perform the restoration. And this applies onlywhen there are more than one backup device connected to the computer.
  • Pick a location to save the backup files and select the files from the device.
  • Click the Restore button in the Restore dialog box. Later check for the backup files.
  • WD Easystore 10TB setup successfully completely.