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Western Digital Easystore 4TB External Hard-Drive

WD easystore 4TB external hard drive is used to store your photos, videos, music, and files. It supports USB 3.0 connectivity and so you can connect it easily to your PC. If you are setup WD Easystore 4tb-External Hard-Drive for the first time, follow these steps.

  • First, turn on your computer and connect your WD Easystore drive to it using the supplied USB cable.
  • Check if the drive appears in your computer’s file management utility list.
  • If the Found New Hardware screen appears, click Cancel.
  • Next, install the WD Discovery software to continue using your drive as an external storage device.
  • Open the drive and launch the WD Discovery software.
  • If WD Discovery doesn’t open from the drive, download and run the software from the official WD site.
  • Verify whether you have a standard Internet connection on your computer before proceeding with the software installation.
  • Install WD Drive Utilities and WD Backup to enhance your drive settings. To do so, double-click the WD Discovery.exe file first and then click the Install Now button.
  • If necessary, install the updates for WD Discovery.
  • After installing the WD Discovery software, open the WD Backup software to create a backup for your files.
  • Click the WD Backup desktop icon and select the WD easystore icon from the displayed list.
Setup WD Easystore 4tb-External Hard-Drive
  • Click Next and wait until the Setup Complete dialog appears.
  • In the Automatic Backup Schedule window, choose your option for the automatic backup schedule and click OK.
  • Choose your backup location on the Select Files to Back UP screen and click the Start Backup button to save and launch your backup plan.
  • Close the Setup Complete dialog box and verify your backup files from the selected backup location.
  • If you have selected the default backup location, navigate to the Windows Users folder to view your backup files.
  • Using the WD Backup software, you can also back up your files to a cloud service account. If you need remote assistance to setup WD Easystore 4tb-External Hard-Drive, contact our technical experts.