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Guidance for WD Elements 1TB Data Recovery

WD Elements 1TB Data Recovery

Reasons for Data Loss from WD Elements Drive:

  • You might have deleted important files from your WD Elements drive by accident.
  • Your computer might have been corrupted by any virus or some kind of malware.
  • Suddenly, you find that some significant files have gone missing your WD Elements drive.

Recover the Lost Data from WD Elements Drive:

WD Elements 1tb Data Recovery, you must consider the following instructions to avoid a trickier situation:

  • Please avoid trying to create new partitions and save new data onto your WD Elements hard drive.
  • Please avoid using any unreliable WD repair software from the internet, since this action will only cause more damage to your data. Make use of trusted data recovery software alone.

Before you start with the data recovery process, please connect your WD Elements drive to your computer.

  • First, from your main window, choose This PC icon.
  • Next, select the target partition on your WD Elements drive and click the Scan button to detect the deleted or lost files/folders.
  • Check all the required files during the scanning process or at the end of the process. Then, click the Save button to create a new storage space for those files.

Now, to recover data from a lost partition on your WD Elements drive, follow these instructions:

  • Launch the data recovery software on your computer.
  • From your main interface, click the Removable Disk Drive option.
  • Choose the WD Elements drive and then click on the Scan button to check the partitions and the files in them.
  • Now, the scan results will be displayed.
  • From these scan results, check all the files that you wish to retrieve.
  • Finally, recover the desired files by clicking the Save button and then setting a storage path.

We have now seen the WD elements 1TB data recovery methods.