Methods to Fix WD Android App 906 Error

The error code 906 in the My Cloud app installed on your Android mobile phone occurs when the network connection fails or when the WD My Cloud mobile app cannot communicate with the My Cloud device. To fix WD error 906 in Android App, carry out any of the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution 1: Turn on the Cloud Access

  • First, log in to the My Cloud dashboard (remote access) and select the Settings tab.
  • Navigate to the Cloud Access section and verify whether you could see Connected in the Connection Status field.
  • Make sure that the status is Not Connected in the Port Forward and Relay Mode fields.
  • Turn off the Cloud Service button if it has already been turned on.
  • Select OK and turn on Cloud Access.
  • Open the My Cloud Mobile app and check if the "WD error 906 in Android App" has been resolved. 

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings on your Android

  • Open the Settings app on your Android phone and ensure that the Wi-Fi is turned on.
  • Verify whether the Airplane Mode is turned off.
  • Tap the General management or System option in the Settings window.
  • Tap the Reset button and select the Reset network settings option.
  • If you are asked to confirm your action, tap the Reset or OK button.
  • Your Android phone will restart automatically when the network settings are restored to factory defaults.
  • This will fix the WD My Cloud app error 906 on your Android phone.
WD Error 906 In Android App

Solution 3: Remove & Reinstall My Cloud Mobile App

  • On your Android phone, uninstall the My Cloud mobile app.
  • Next, launch the Google Play Store app and type ‘my cloud’ in the search panel.
  • From the search result, select the My Cloud app.
  • Tap the Install button beside the app to download and install it.
  • After the installation, launch the app.
  • Finish the app setup with the help of the on-screen prompts and log in to your My Cloud account.
  • Restart the My Cloud device and connect to it using the My Cloud app.
  • This will fix the WD error 906 in Android app.