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Western Digital General Network Error 401

Occasionally, while using your WD, you might come across the error 401. This error might occur when you try to share files using emails. The Wd General Network Error 401 is usually represented in the following form:

Wd General Network Error 401
  • 401 Request is not allowed
  • To resolve the 401 issue, try doing a System Only Restore. The System Only Restore function reverts all the settings to the default ones without losing any data.
  • Some users have complained that when they try to use the WD Sync, a pop-up window appears that states:
  • “The remote server returned an error: (401) unauthorized.”
  • One user reported that he has recently bought the WD My Cloud Mirror GEN 2. That user has been able to set up the device and also access it via his/her local network, WD Access, MyCloud.com, and even through the MyCloud app on the iPhone. The port forwarding takes place as usual. But the error message pops up when the user tries to use WD Sync.
  • Note: The same error message might pop up when you log in as some other user instead of “admin.”
  • By using these steps we can clear the error WD general network error 401.

Solutions for the WD general network error 401:

  • When you are using remote sync, WD Sync uses the MyCloud.com account’s username and password. But if you wish to use local sync, you need to sign out of MyCloud.com and choose the Mirror. Then, you will be using the local NAS username and password. The MyCloud.com credentials will not be necessary.
  • In other words, MyCloud.com is essential only when you are using WD Sync from a remote computer or any other device.
  • At times, while using your WD, you might try to share files. When you are attempting to share a file, you can see the cloud sign for a few seconds. After that, you will see the following error message:

“wdgeneralnetwork error 401 can’t complete the process.”

  • In this situation, just log out and then try logging in using the new credentials.
  • We have now discussed the WD general network error 401 in detail and also the various solutions that can be used to fix this error.