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WD My Book is an external storage hard drive mainly used to back up data. It can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. It has the Smartware software in-built for intelligent backup, which you must install to manage the drive. When you connect the drive to a computer, at times, the drive does not respond, or the computer does not detect the drive. Here, we provide you with simple steps to troubleshoot the WD My Book not Working.

WD My Book Not Working

Solution-1: Check the USB Cable

  • You use a USB cable to connect the drive to the computer. In such a case, check if the cable for any damage and replace the cable if it is damaged.
  • Use another USB cable and check if the drive is detected now.
  • If the cable ends are loose, then connect them firmly.

Solution-2: Check if the Port is Working

  • You connect the drive to the USB port of the computer. If the port is damaged, no device gets detected through the port. Connect the drive to the other ports and see if it is working.
  • Plug the drive to the computer directly, instead of connecting it to the USB hub or any other network device.

Solution-3: See Disk Management

  • On your Windows computer, open the Computer Management window by pressing the Win and X keys together or right-click My Computer and choose Manage.
  • Select Disk Management and then search for the WD My Book drive.
  • If you cannot recognize the drive, search for any unusual drive letter, open it, and check if it is your drive.
  • Following that, right-click the drive, select Change Drive Letter and Path, and set a new drive letter that is not already used.
  • Also, set the Partition as Active and click OK to save the changes.
  • Now, restart the computer and check if the drive works.

Solution-4: Update the system software

  • Using the old system software can also cause such a problem. So, disconnect the drive and update the software.
  • Reconnect the drive to see if it works.

Now, we successfully resolved WD My Book not Working issue.