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WD My Cloud Dashboard Not Connetcing

  • If you can’t access your WD My Cloud dashboard,
  • You might have performed a router reset, or the Dashboard would have been allocated with a different IP address.
  • You can try to access the Dashboard with the IP address rather than using the name.
  • You may have to restart your PC and look for changes in your network.
  • Check to see if the browser requires any firmware updates.
  • It could be a result of a router crash.
  • Resetting might recover some partial data.

Perform a Resource Check

  • Log in to your My Cloud Dashboard.
  • When the router is reset, it will show partial performance.
  • Click the Device Activity monitor in the My Cloud Dashboard.
  • Click the process arrow option to check for high CPU and memory usage.
  • The device activity shows a list of system programs and events running on your system.
  • You can disable any third-party applications running on your WD My Cloud device.

Turn off Indexing services

  • If the Dashboard is somewhat accessible, but still the performance speed is slow
  • Turn off the DLA media server in Settings Media.
  • Turn off applications like iTunes in Settings Media.
  • Turn off cloud access in Settings General Cloud access
  • Now, power off and power on my cloud.
  • The Dashboard should now be connected and running without any other performance issues.