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How To Resolve Wd My Cloud 900 Error?

WD My Cloud User Manual

WD My Cloud is a storage drive to save your data, such as photos, videos, audio, and documents. After you plug it into the Wi-Fi router, you can access the drive files from the devices connected to the Wi-Fi router network. At times, when you access the My Cloud drive, you get the Wd my Cloud error 900 message, the reasons for the error and the steps to solve the error are mentioned below.

Causes Of The Error:

  • The error occurs if the remote access setting is disabled on the My Cloud dashboard.
  • If you are using an older firmware version, then it becomes difficult to access the data via a network.
  • For the manual configuration of the Cloud Access connection, see if the ports are open.
Wd My Cloud Error 900

Solutions For The Wd My Cloud Error 900:

Enable Remote Access

  • Connect your device to the wireless router network to which the WD drive is already connected.
  • Launch the browser on your device and then visit the official WD My Cloud website.
  • Next, sign in to the My Cloud account with the password.
  • When the dashboard shows up, click the Settings tab. In the General section, go to the Cloud Access division.
  • See if the Remote Access is enabled. If it is not, then turn it on by clicking the toggle button.

Update Firmware

  • In the My Cloud dashboard, in the Settings panel, select Firmware from the left side navigation menus.
  • Check for the updates in the Available Updates section. If it is present, click the Update Now button and proceed with the firmware update. 
  • Otherwise, you can download the latest firmware version from the official WD support website, and save it on your device.
  • On the My Cloud Firmware settings page, select Update from File below Manual Update.
  • Browse the firmware update file and open it to start the update.
  • Click the Enable Auto Update toggle button to allow the network to update the firmware automatically.

Reboot the WD device

  • Rebooting the WD My Cloud device can resolve the current issue. 
  • Access the My Cloud Dashboard and navigate to the Settings panel.
  • Select the Utilities menu on the left side navigation pane and then click the Reboot menu in the Device Maintenance section.
  • Confirm the reboot action by choosing OK. Wait till the reboot finishes.

Configure the network settings

  • In case you are using the Static network, then manually configure the network service settings of the drive.
  • Under Settings, choose the Network menu, select Static as the Network Mode, and fill in the necessary data.
  • In the Cloud Access section, open the ports by choosing the port numbers that are not assigned to any other device on the router network. If you need a remote assistance to resolve Wd my Cloud error 900, click the call button available on the screen.