Quick Steps to fix WD My Cloud Video Upload Error

Western Digital My Cloud is a storage device that lets you store all your data over a network connection. This is the perfect solution to store and organize all your data in one place. At the same time, users have also encountered several problems with this device. One of the common issues encountered by most of the WD My Cloud users while uploading a video file is the following error message, “Invalid Operation A file exists at this location, or an invalid operation was attempted.”  If you’re also encountering the WD My Cloud error when attempting to upload videos error, then perform the following troubleshooting instructions to resolve it.

  • initially, check if there is enough free space available on your WD My Cloud device. If not, you can't do anything because there is no option to clear the storage.
  • Next, check if the file type you are trying to upload is of the correct extension. If not, alter it with the correct file extension and then try to update the video file into the My Cloud drive.
  • Usually, WD My Cloud allows you to upload photos and videos of about 100 MB. When you try to upload a video file that is more than 100 MB in size, then an error message will pop-up on your screen. So, make sure that your file size is within 100 MB.
  • If you come across this error while using the My Cloud Desktop App, then try to upload the video file from the mycloud.com website.
  • Check if your system’s OS is supported by My Cloud because some versions of the Mac OS are not supported by My Cloud.
  • If your OS is incompatible, then try to upload the video files from a different computer.

WD My Cloud error when attempting to upload videos
  • Check if your My Cloud Storage device firmware is up-to-date.
  • If not, update it and then try to upload the videos.

If you still receive an WD My Cloud error when attempting to upload videos, then contact our technical expert to fix the issue.