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WD My cloud Goodsync

If you are owning a WD NAS device, then GoodSync is the one that is required to synchronize, back up, or access the information stored on your device. For complete details on WD My Cloud Goodsync working process, refer to the steps below.

Working process of GoodSync

  • First, you need to download GoodSync on your device. Then install it using the given instructions.
  • Check if you have a single remote WD device or a single locally accessible WD device that is registered with your GoodSync account.
  • This WD device is required in order to run GoodSync for WD on Mac or Windows PC.
  • Next, you need to select the source and destination folders. GoodSync will list all the available WD devices.
  • Once done with the above step, select your GoodSync job automation.
  • The backup jobs and GoodSync synchronization will run automatically either on a preset schedule, in real-time mode, or periodically.
  • Depending on the automation, GoodSync jobs can run as an unattended service.
Complete Guide About Goodsync On WD My Cloud

Benefits Of GoodSync

GoodSync for WD is mainly designed to provide easy access to perform three basic tasks:

  • Synchronization service
  • Backup service
  • Remote data access

Synchronization Service

  • To sync the data between the WD device and the local PC.
  • This feature can also be used to sync data between a WD device or two WD devices with their preferred cloud storage provider.

Backup Service

  • All your data can be backed up from the PC to a WD My Cloud device using the GoodSync backup service.
  • Also, it can back up data from your WD device to a remote location which includes other PCs, cloud storage, or other WD devices.

Remote Data Access

  • After installing WD My Cloud Goodsync on all your devices and registering it with the GoodSync account, access the data stored on any of your devices remotely using GoodSync Explorer.

Additional Uses Of GoodSync

GoodSync Account

After connecting all the devices to your GoodSync account, you are allowed to back up, securely access, or synchronize all your data across all devices and cloud storage accounts from any of your devices.

GoodSync Explorer

If you require a work image or document quickly, then connect all your remote devices with the help of the GoodSync account, and easily access the data from any of your devices including mobiles.

GoodSync Cloud Storage

GoodSync cloud storage provides the most affordable, safe, and fastest way to securely back up and restore the information from any of your devices directly from the GoodSync interface. If there is an issue while downloading or installing the WD My Cloud Goodsync, get help from our experts by clicking the Call button.