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Why WD Internal Server Error Occur?

The WD My Cloud device works as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device when connecting it to the Wi-Fi router network; you can access the data stored on it from any device, which is also on the same network. Sometimes, when you try logging in to the My Cloud storage on your computer, an internal server error may appear in the window. Read the following to understand the cause of the error and the ways to fix the WD My Cloud internal server error.

Causes of the Error:

  • When the internet connection is not stable, the WD server finds it difficult to log in to the server.
  • The error can occur when you’re my Cloud account is stopped or blocked.
WD My Cloud Internal Server Error

WD Internal Server Error Solution:

Reset the My Cloud device

  • At the rear side of the device, you can find a small Reset button.
  • Use a pin, thin clip, or thin pointed object to press and hold the Reset button.
  • Make sure to release the button within 30 seconds. If the device does not reset, then the device owner account is removed from the device.Moreover, if you hold the button for more than 60 seconds, the data on the stored on the device will be deleted completely.

Restart the WD device

  • Open the WD My Cloud app, which you are using on your computer or mobile phone
  • Click the Menu or Hamburger icon at the top of the screen, after which the other WD options open up.
  • From the options list, choose the Settings menu.
  • When the Settings window appears on the screen, go to Current Storage and select your WD My Cloud device name.
  • After the device settings menu expands, select the Reboot menu at the lower end of the screen. If the device prompts for confirmation, confirm the action and continue to reboot.
  • The reboot process takes some time, wait until it is over. Later, retry to log in to the My Cloud account from the web browser to verify whether the Western Digital My Cloud Internal Server Error is fixed.

Turn off WD My Cloud

  • Open the My Cloud app again and then select your device name under Current Storage, as mentioned in the above solution.
  • Scroll down the screen and select the Shut Down My Cloud Home menu. Now you cannot access the data on the My Cloud device until it is turned on.
  • Following that, disconnect the power cable of the WD device.
  • After a few minutes, plug the power cable and turn on the My Cloud device by rebooting or restarting. This should fix the WD My Cloud internal server error.