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WD My Cloud Performance Issues

WD My Cloud Performance Issues
  • The WD My Cloud device provides secure access to your data wirelessly from your computer. This device, with its Gigabit Ethernet and dual-core processor, delivers high-performance media streaming.
  • To have the highest performance of this device, you have to install the most recent updates and service packs. You have to make sure that the firmware of the drive is updated periodically, whenever a new update is available.
  • You must also have your computer’s operating system updated. To update a Windows computer, click the Start icon and click the All Programs option followed by the Windows Update option.
  • To update a Mac computer, click the Apple menu and choose the Software Update option.
  • The performance of the WD Wd Cloud drive gets reduced if the computer’s OS is outdated.
  • You are strongly recommended to use the Gigabit Ethernet for wired connection. This will maximize the performance of the drive.
  • You have to enable port forwarding for the WD My Cloud drive if you have already enabled remote access. It will help to resolve WD My Cloud performance issues.
  • It is better to connect the WD My Cloud drive to the computer using the Ethernet cable instead of the wireless connection while transferring data.
  • If you are using the wireless connection, ensure that both the computer and your wireless router are in the same room.
  • The rate of data transfer will be high when the computer and the wireless router are connected using Wi-Fi 802.11n or 802.11ac.
  • To resolve the WD MY Cloud drive’s performance issues, you have to run a diagnostic test by performing the instructions mentioned below.
  • Access the Utilities page of the WD My Cloud drive, navigate to the System Diagnostics section, and select either the Quick Test or Full Test option.
  • If the result is pass, click the OK option to return to the Utilities screen.
  • If the result shows failed, click the Support icon at the top of the screen to get technical assistance.
  • If needed, click the Call button on this page to get technical assistance from our support members in resolving the WD My Cloud performance issues.