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How To Factory Reset Wd My Cloud

There are two ways to reset a Western Digital My Cloud device. Both these methods make use of the Reset button found at the back of the device.

Please remember that the methods described below are Not Data Destructive. In other words, these processes will not affect the user data on the My Cloud device.

First Method - 4-Second Reset:

This method is a 4-second reset with the Power On. When you perform this method, you will find that the following are reset:

  • The Admin Password There is no default password
  • The Network Mode The default is DHCP

The 4-second reset can only reset your Admin Password. Using this, you cannot reset your Admin User Name. To reset your Admin User Name, perform the steps provided under the Second Method.

To execute the 4-second reset, follow the instructions given here:

  • Keep the power on.
  • Make use of a pen that is narrow-tipped or a paper clip. Now, using this tool (pen or paper clip), press and hold the Reset button for a minimum of 4 seconds.
  • Once you perform the reset, your My Cloud device will reboot, which might take about 5 minutes.

Second Method - 40-Second Reset:

The 40-second reset method is a process with Power Off. Also named as System Only Restore, this method will reset the parameters listed here:

  • The Admin User Name-The default is admin.
  • The Admin Password-There is no default password.
  • The Device Name-The default device name will be WDMyCloud.
  • The 40-second Reset method will remove all the Users, except the Admin. It also removes all of the Alerts.
  • The Network Mode, whose default is DHCP.
  • Automatic Firmware Update, the default of which is off.
  • All Share permissions. The default is Public.

The System Only Restore method will also reset the parameters given below. The default value of all these will be not configured.

  • Your mycloud.com account association.
  • The Mobile app account association.
  • Your WD Sync association.
  • Safepoint jobs.
  • Backup jobs

method, continue with the steps given below:

  • Power down your My Cloud device.
  • Remove the power cable from the device.
  • Press and hold the Reset button by using a pen that is narrow-tipped or a paper clip.
  • Continue to hold your Reset button for at least 40 seconds. While doing this, connect the power cable back to your My Cloud device.
  • Release the Reset button.
  • The My Cloud device will now reboot.

Note that the process mentioned above might take more than 15 minutes. You have to wait till your Power LED turns to a solid blue color.

The solid blue color of the Power LED shows that your My Cloud device is now ready to use.

How To Factory Reset Wd My Cloud