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If you’re looking for the correct procedure to do WD My Passport Wireless Pro replace drive, then you have reached the right page to perform it.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro Replace Drive

Procedure To Replace

  • Initially, make sure that there is enough storage space available on your WD drive.
  • Back up your WD drive if necessary because, during the drive replacement, there is a chance for the data loss to occur.
  • Turn off the WD drive.
  • Open the top of the hard drive.
  • Take the battery out of the drive.
  • Now, press the rubber grippy knobs of the hard drive to remove it.
  • Create a swap slot for your replacement drive and insert the drive in it.
  • After creating it, attach a piece of packing tape on your WD and replacement drive.
  • Now, turn on the drive and complete the initial setup.

Wd My Passport Wireless Pro Battery Replacement

The Status LED available on the drive’s control panel will help you to know the drive’s current battery status. The chance for the WD MPWP battery to get damage is less. But, if the battery is not charging or bulged, then you can replace it. So, if you want to replace your WD MPWP drive’s battery, then contact us.

Wd My Passport Wireless Pro Hard Drive Replacement

  • Initially, note down your WD serial number’s last 8 characters.
  • Get an SD card that can be formatted into the FAT-32 File system.
  • Format the drive and then go to the WD official support page.
  • Download the latest firmware available for your WD My Passport Wireless Pro drive.
  • Insert the formatted SD card into your computer and create a folder named Update.
  • Now, copy and paste the downloaded firmware file into the SD card.
  • Make sure to save the file in the Update folder.
  • Eject the SD card from your computer and insert it into the WD slot.
  • Turn on the WD drive.
  • As soon as your drive turns on, hold down the SD/copy button available on the drive slot.
  • Once the firmware is restored, you can see the LEDs flashing on your drive.

To know more about how to perform the WD My Passport Wireless Pro replace drive, contact us.