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WD Passport Wireless Pro Setup

WD My Passport Wireless Pro is a hard drive with SD card reader facility and USB connection ports. The power rechargeable battery is available along with the drive, and this WD product is used widely for backup purposes. Continue to read to learn the WD My Passport Wireless Pro setup.

WD My Passport Wireless Pro Setup
  • Before you start to use the drive, charge the battery and then proceed with the following.
  • Press and hold the power button on the Pro drive until the Power and Battery Status LED indicator light glows. 
  • The Blue solid light on the drive denotes that the drive is ready to connect to the network.
  • Turn on the wireless router network and connect the computer to it.
  • Click the Network icon on the system tray to open the network devices list. Now, select the My Passport device.
  • Following that, open a web browser on your computer and enter the default IP address of the drive or the official drive website.
  • Now, the My Passport screen shows up on the computer, click the License Agreement link to read the terms and policies.
  • Tick the checkbox and select the preferred language from the drop-down list and then continue.
  • Under Automatic Import Media, click the slider button to get the data automatically from the given media options and select Next.
  • After that, tick the checkbox under Install Plex Media Server and go on to install the server.
  • If you do not need it, select the Skip button and then the Next button to continue.
  • On the Enhance Your WD Experience screen, configure the Software update settings and the shortcut menu on the computer.
  • Finally, register the WD product and go next.
  • When the setup is complete, you can see the “That’s it!” message. Click Finish.
  • Now, we have seen how to perform WD My Passport Wireless Pro Setup.