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How To Setup Wd My Passport Wireless Pro For Mac?

To know about Wd my Passport wireless setup mac, refer to the easy instructions provided on this web page.

  • Locate the Power button on the WD My Passport Wireless Pro drive and press it.
  • Wait for thirty seconds until the drive boots up.
  • Now, the Power LED will blink white. This indicates that the drive is turned on.
  • At the same time, the Wi-Fi LED turns blue.
  • Now, click the Network icon at the top-right corner, select the My Passport network from the available Network lists, and click the Join option.
  • Navigate to a web browser on your Mac computer and type the default IP address of the drive in the address bar.
  • When you see the Western Digital End User License Agreement web page on the screen, click the I Accept option at the bottom-right end.
  • This will direct you to the Secure My Passport Wireless Pro web page.
  • Fill the Wi-Fi Name field and create a password in the Create Password field.
  • Retype the created password in the Confirm Password field.
  • Note: The drive password must contain at least 8 characters.
  • If required, select the checkbox beside the Show Password option.
  • Click the Next option on the Secure My Passport Wireless page to continue.
  • Minimize the web browser and go to the main screen of the Mac computer.
  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi and reconnect to your My Passport Wireless Pro drive’s network.
  • Return to the web browser and click the Save Shortcut option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once done, you will see the dashboard on your browser.
My Passport Wireless Pro Setup Mac
  • Now, click the Finder tab and go to the Shared section.
  • You will see the WD My Passport Wireless Pro drive.
  • Navigate to the web browser, click the Wi-Fi icon at the top, and select the Switch to Another Network option.
  • Now, the screen will show a list of available wireless networks. Select the name of your wireless router.
  • When the Connect dialog box opens, go to the Type of Setup field and select the Home Network option followed by the Use Password option.
  • Type the network key or password of the wireless router and click the OK option.
  • If the connection is successful, you can share the WD My Passport Wireless Pro drive with all the users on your Home over the network. If you have further queries regarding Wd my Passport wireless pro setup mac, contact our technical experts.