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If your WD Passport drive is not showing up on Mac, then the methods given on this page would help you fix it.WD Passport is one of the trusted and portable storage devices that is loved by most people around the world. This external storage drive is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems. The Wd passport not showing up Mac is a common issue encountered by most people. To resolve this issue, scroll down this page.

Wd Passport Not Showing Up Mac

Basic solutions

  • Check if the drive and your Mac computer are connected securely using a USB cable.
  • If not, connect them securely.
  • Remove and reconnect the cable between the computer and the drive.
  • Make sure that the USB cable that you’re using is not damaged.
  • Try to connect the USB cable to a different port on your Mac computer.

Advanced methods

If the above solutions couldn’t resolve the WD Passport issue, then perform the following methods one-by-one and get the issue fixed.

Method 1: Modify the Finder preferences

If the External disks option is disabled in the Finder section, then the connected external device will not be displayed on the screen. So, to enable the External disks option, follow the below instructions.

  • Open the Finder window.
  • Select Preferences > General.
  • Check if the External disks option is selected. If not, select it.
  • Similarly, go to the Slidebar tab of the Finder Preferences window.
  • Under the Devices section, select the External disks option if it is not selected.

Method 2: Manually mount your WD Passport in Disk Utility

  • Go to the Applications section.
  • Select Utilities > Disk Utility > Show All Devices.
  • Choose your WD My Passport and click the Mount button.

If an issue occurs while mounting the WD drive, then repair it using First Aid.

  • Open the Disk Utility window.
  • Choose your WD My Passport drive from the list.
  • Click the First Aid button.
  • Now, the tool will try to detect the issue and resolve it.
  • Once the issue is resolved, click the Done button.

Still, if the Wd passport not showing up Mac, then contact us.