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This article deals with the WD Red NAS Hard Drive. WD Red offers a wide array of storage to its customers who are wishing to create a NAS solution. It has been created and tested for home and personal NAS systems with up to 8 bays. These drives pack all you need in a single powerhouse unit that can be used to store, archive, and share your data. This device is mainly designed to stream, share, organize, and back up your digital content on a NAS. Use this device to share content with the devices in your home office or personal environments. Your drive’s compatibility increases with your existing network and devices, stereo, TV, and more, using the NASware 3.0 technology.

WD Red NAS Hard Drive

NASware 3.0

Optimize each and every drive with this exclusive NASware 3.0 technology. Also, enjoy 48TB of storage capacity on your 8-bay system. This advanced technology increases integration, upgradeability, compatibility, and reliability to offer great system storage performance for you.

Created For Optimum NAS Compatibility

  • WD Red drive is specially designed for home office and personal NAS systems. Its unique algorithm balances reliability and performance in both the RAID and NAS environments. These drives may not be suitable for higher workloads. But WD Red Plus drives are suitable for higher workloads.
  • A reliable drive is essential for your NAS system as it is always kept ON. So, this WD Red drive comes with an MTBF of up to 1 million hours to tackle 24x7 environments. Also, avail premium support and a 3-year limited warranty with WD Red NAS hard drive .
  • Compared with desktop drives, the WD Red drives are actually tested for compatibility and optimum performance. The WD Red drive is known for its reliability and suits more for the always-on environment of NAS. WD Red drive is designed with RAID error recovery control which decreases failures within the NAS systems. Western Digital Red NAS Hard Drive is designed to operate solo and also protects from noise and vibration which is again missing in desktop drives. So, overall, this WD Red hard drive is the best one to opt for NAS systems.

Complete Specifications

The WD Red Hard Drive’s storage capacity is 4 TB. It comes with a SATA interface. Its transfer rate ranges up to 180MB/s. Its cache size is 256 MB. Moreover, it is designed with SMR technology to handle workloads associated with home office and personal uses, say, for example, archiving, storing, and sharing content. Need more details on WD Red NAS Hard Drive? Call Us!