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Easy Steps To Wd Smartware Drive Unlock Forgot Password

WD Smartware is a free software program provided along with the WD hard drives to maintain the backup and protect the data stored on the drive. While installing the hard drive for the first time, install the WD Smartware and complete the registration. The WD Smartware service runs continuously and will automatically back up the data on the drive according to the schedule. If you forget the WD Smartware password, you won’t be able to not access the data on the drive. Continue reading the below steps if you forget the Wd Smartware Drive Unlock Forgot Password.

Solution-1: Reset the password

  • Restart your Windows computer and hold the F1 key when the computer turns on.
  • On the configuration screen, choose the password icon and select the HDD for which you have to change your password.
  • Input the new drive password twice and press Enter to reset.
  • Try to open the drive with the new password.
Wd Smartware Drive Unlock Forgot Password

Solution-2: Use a third-party tool

  • Find the HDD Unlock tool and download it on the computer.
  • Run the installer to install the tool on the computer.
  • Select the hard drive, click Next, and shut down the computer when it is complete.
  • Once the drive is unlocked, you can view the content present on it.

Solution-3: Erase the drive

  • Sometimes, you cannot perform any of the solutions given above and the only way is to erase the data on the drive on Wd Smartware Drive Unlock Forgot Password.
  • Open the WD hard drive on the computer.
  • When the WD window opens up, click Help.
  • Select Manage & Customize and then choose Erase the Drive from the right-side panel.
  • Once the drive is erased, you will lose all the drive data stored on it. So, perform the data recovery immediately.
  • Use any third-party data recovery tool to retrieve the deleted data.