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Western Digital SmartWare Installer for Mac

You have WD hard drive devices to save all kinds of data like movies, songs, videos, and pictures.Have you ever wondered why the WD devices do not have any administrative controls over the external devices? Well, the WD Smartware gives you the ability to do so. The WD SmartWare Installer for Mac helps in providing us --- users --- with the ability to manage backup at regular intervals, and these backups are done without the need for user intervention. The WD Smartware is useful for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

WD SmartWare Installer for Mac

You can download the WD Smartware for Mac from the Western Digital official support page. Follow the steps given below to download the WD SmartWare Installer for Mac:

  • Open the Safari browser on your Mac computer, enter the WD official support URL, and press the Return button.
  • In the WD support page, click the Software for Mac tab.
  • Locate the WD Smartware from the dropdown list on the page and click Download.
  • The WD Smartware will be downloaded to your Mac. Usually, the files will be downloaded to the default Downloads folder.

Follow the steps to perform the installation of the WD Smartware tool on your Mac.

  • Right-click on the downloaded WD Smartware application and select Show package contents from the list of options.
  • A finder window will open. In that window, click contents and navigate to resources.
  • Copy the WD Smartware downloaded file to the Mac home screen.
  • Double-click on the downloaded WD Smartware file to unzip it. Now, the WD Smartware folder will be created.
  • Open the folder, right-click the WD Smartware file and move it to the Application folder.
  • The Application folder can be opened in the Finder icon on the desktop.  

The WD SmartWare Installer for Mac is now complete, and you can have control over all your WD devices using WD Smartware.