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WD TV HD Media Player Remote Control App Settings

WD tv HD media player remote control app

The WD tv HD media player remote control app is included in the box while you purchase the media player. If you have lost the remote or if you need to control the media player from anywhere at your house, you can use the WD TV Remote application.

  • The application is compatible only with your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • System requirement - iOS 7 or later
  • The file size of the WD TV Remote application is 16MB.

A few of the key features of the WD TV Remote control application are given here.

  • Control your WD TV when your iOS device is connected to a wireless network.
  • Access any online service available on the WD TV using the application.
  • Can play multiplayer games with family members and friends using multiple devices.
  • Both the iOS devices and the WD TV must be connected to the same wireless network.

The steps to install the WD TV media player Remote control application on an iPhone are provided on our web page.

  • On your iPhone, search for the App Store application and tap its icon.
  • Tap the search icon at the bottom of the screen, type WD TV Remote, and choose the WD tv HD media player remote control app from the displayed search result.
  • Once you tap the Get option, the selected application gets installed on the iPhone.
  • Open the WD TV Remote application after the installation and control the media player.

A third-party WDlxTV MediaPlayers Remote application is available for Android mobile phones. You can download this WD remote application from the Google Play Store application.

  • To install the WD Remote application on an Android mobile phone, carry out the simple instructions mentioned below.
  • Launch the Google Play Store application by tapping its icon on the Android mobile phone.
  • Search for the WD Media Player Remote application, select it, and tap the Install option.
  • This will install the chosen application on the Android mobile phone after getting the WD tv HD media player remote control app.