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Wd Tv Live Sound Problem On the Device

WD TV Live lets you stream your favorite shows, videos, and music over a wireless or wired network. The WD TV was introduced in 2009, which function using an Ethernet port and is compatible with certain wireless USB adapters. Using this WD TV Live, you can access top internet sites such as Flickr, Live365, myTV, Pandora, Mediafly, Flingo, AccWealther, and Facebook and sometimes it getting Wd Tv live sound problem. In order o fix this problem follow the steps:

  • It is quite natural for you to encounter an issue while using an electronic device. The sound problem in the WD TV Live is a common issue faced by most of the users. To solve this issue, try some of the possible troubleshooting instructions given below.
  • First, check if the HDMI audio is working properly.
  • If not, try another HDMI audio device to fix the Wd Tv live sound problem.
  • If the HDMI audio works fine, then try to change your TV’s audio settings.
  • Change the sound setting from Digital to Stereo and vice versa.
  • To do it, go to your TV’s Settings section.
  • Select the Audio/Video option followed by Audio output.
  • Make sure that you are using a compatible HDMI cable.
  • If the cable is incompatible, then get a compatible one, and check if the No Sound issue is resolved.
  • If the Sound Problem persists, check if your WD TV Live’s firmware is up-to-date,
  • If not, upgrade your WD TV Live’s firmware by following the instructions given below.
  • From your computer’s web browser, go to the WD TV Live’s official site.
Wd Tv live sound problem
  • Locate and download the latest firmware for your WD TV.
  • After downloading, copy the downloaded firmware file and paste it on a USB stick.
  • Insert the USB stick into your WD TV and perform the firmware upgrade.
  • After completing the firmware upgrade process, check if the sound problem in WD TV Live has been resolved.
  • If the Wd Tv live sound problem is not solved, contact us.