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Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable Externals Harddrive

The pocket-sized 2TB hard drive comes with a user guide and a power cable. The Western Digital 2TB elements portable external hard drive has the auto-backup feature. It has a large capacity of up to 2 TB and can be considered as reliable. The WD security software and the hardware encryption lets users keep their passwords protected. It also comprises of the WD Discovery software for social media and has a cloud storage import. This is quick and simple to use. The WD 2TB External Hard Drive setup is compatible with Windows operating system and needs a reformatting if utilized on a Mac operating system.

Western Digital 2TB my Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive

The Western Digital 2TB My Passport Ultra Portable device is designed with USB-CTM technology. This includes USB 3.1 adapter that makes it compatible with older machines. This Western Digital 2TB My Passport Ultra hard drive’s WD DiscoveryTM software will make it easy to back up the photos, files, folders, videos, audios, etc. Download the WD BackupTM from the manufacturer’s site, connect the drive, and schedule the backup. It has a good amount of space to save the item. The My Passport Ultra has been formatted for the Windows operating system to provide plug-and-play storage. With the help of the WD Discovery software, download the NTFS driver for the Mac operating system so that reformatting is not required.

Guide: Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive Wifi

The Western Digital 2TB external hard drive is designed with a massive capacity to connect 8 different devices and store the data at the same time. This is powered by the USB 3.0 portable that has a fixed Wi-Fi network and also a built-in battery. The USB 3.0 port enables data transmission at a faster speed. Once connected to the PC, it functions as a regular hard drive, but built with a battery, it functions as a wireless data server. The WD 2TB External Hard Drive setup can be charged easily and connected to the laptop or an electrical outlet. This has an easy backup feature and a long-lasting and rechargeable battery.

Western Digital 2TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive Guidance

The Western Digital 2TB USB 2.0 external hard drive is the most trusted storage device that has a huge space to store photos, videos, and music. It has an auto-backup feature that is included with the WD backup software. It features password protection and hardware encryption.

WD External Hard Drive 2TB Driver Download

Perform the following guidelines to download driver for WD 2TB External Hard Drive setup.

  • Go to the manufacturer’s site and select the product name from the pull-down list.
  • Next, choose the operating system and then click the Download button.
  • Now, extract the downloaded file and then run the program
  • For Windows Vista, right-click the file and select the Run as Administrator option.
  • Read the User License Agreement and click Continue.
  • On the main program screen, you can see two Windows displaying the drives available for testing on the system. 
  • The partition information for the drive chosen will be shown
  • Make sure to highlight the drive and choose the icon on the first row to run the smart status
  • Once selected, the ‘DLGDIAG- Select an option’ dialogue box will appear.
  • The options such as Quick test, Extended test, Erase, and View test result will appear.
  • Choose the test that you want to execute and then click the Start button.
  • Once the test is done, click the Close button.
WD 2TB External Hard Drive Setup

Guide: Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive for Mac

The WD 2TB External hard drive setup for Mac is specially designed for Mac and Time Machine ready. This is quick and simple to use. It consists of WD Discovery software (can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site), where it can be connected to social media accounts such as facebook, twitter, etc. It also enables you to import photos, files, etc., and manages the drive. The hard drive for Mac has an in-built 256 bit AES hardware encryption with the WD Security software that helps to keep content safe and secured.

Guide: Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive for PS4

The Western Digital external hard drive for PS4 has a 2TB capacity to the PS4 console. This hard drive is portable and will allow you to play on other PlayStation 4 consoles without reinstalling. It has a quick and simple setup where you need to connect the drive to the PS4 console with a USB 3.0 cable.

Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive Network

My Cloud is a personal home storage unit that connects to the home network. This can automatically back up data and collect all the content to secure it in a safe place in a way that only the admin can control. This can be accessed from mobile and web. It can also sync the software to safeguard the content updated across all the PCs. Automatic backup is available for both Mac and all other systems. This is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion operating systems. It requires DLNA or UPnP devices, and a router with an internet connection for streaming purpose. For, instant support related WD 2TB External Hard Drive Setup and troubleshooting contact our technical experts.