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Western Digital HDD Cable

A USB 3.0 type cable is used to connect the Western Digital to a system. The length of the cable is 18 inches. You get this cable while purchasing the WD product. If the cable provided during the purchase is damaged, you can get a new one from a trusted retail store as a replacement.

Western Digital HDD Data Recovery

To recover data from your Western Digital Hard Drive, read and proceed with the guided instructions given below.

  • First, install an efficient, trusted data recovery software on your system. The steps below are for recovering data using the EaseUS data recovery software.
  • Launch the EaseUS Data Recovery software on your system to begin the data recovery process.
  • Select your WD Hard Disk Drive from the Hard Disk Drives list.
  • Tap the Scan button. Once the scanning process is done, the list of scanned files will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose and preview the files you want from the scanned list.
  • After reviewing the files, highlight them by tapping the checkbox beside it and click the Recover button.
  • Select your WD HDD beside the Save to option.
  • Click the OK button. The status of the recovery process is displayed at the center of the screen.
  • Once the recovery process is completed, go to your WD HDD section and check if all the files are recovered successfully.
  • If you want to recover the data from your WD External Hard Disk Drive, connect it to your system using a USB cable.
  • Launch the data recovery software installed on your system.
  • Choose your WD External Hard Disk Drive from the External Devices and perform the same procedure as discussed above.

Western Digital HDD Drivers

There are many different types of drivers available for the WD Drive. You can download the drive that suits your WD hard drive from its official site.

  • The software type varies with operating systems.
  • The drivers available for the Windows system are WD Backup, WD Drive Utilities for Windows, WD Security for Windows, WD Smartware, etc.
  • Similarly, the drive type varies for Mac operating system, and some of them are WD Drive Utilities for Mac, WD Security for Mac, WD Sync for Mac, etc.,
  • Download and install the drivers that suit your operating system.

Western Digital HDD Format Tool

The Western Digital has developed a Format tool named WD Quick Formatter. Using this tool, you can only format your WD External Hard Disk Drive and not the WD Internal Hard Drive.To know how to format your WD External Hard Disk Drive using the WD Quick Formatter tool, follow the instructions given below.

  • First, download and install the WD Quick Formatter tool on your system.
  • You can download the WD Quick Formatter tool from the official site of the Western Digital Drive.
  • After downloading the WD Quick Formatter tool software file, open it to begin the installation process.
  • Once the application begins, the WD Quick Drive Format screen will appear with a warning message.
  • Read the warning message displayed on the WD Quick Drive Format screen, and if you are okay with the terms and conditions, click the Continue button available at the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the Accept button to continue with the formatting process.
  • Now the WD Quick Drive Format tool will look for the external WD Hard Disk Drive installed on your system.
  • One of the two screens will appear based on the WD Hard Disk Drive’s size.
  • Once the scanning process is completed by the WD Quick Drive Format tool, the Drive to Format drop-down menu will appear on the screen.
  • If your WD Drive size is less than 2TB, then the above screen will appear.
  • Choose your WD Hard Disk Drive you wish to format from the Drive to Format drop-down menu and tap the Format Drive button.
  • If your WD Drive size is greater than 2TB, then the screen with the Configuration option will appear.
  • Choose your drive from the Drive to Format drop-down menu.
  • Select the Factory Default option as Configuration type.
  • Now, click the Format Drive button.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the WD drive formatting process to complete.
  • Once your WD Hard Disk Drive is formatted successfully, click the Exit or Format Another Drive button.

Western Digital HDD Replacement

  • You can claim for your WD Hard Disk Drive replacement if you face any issue with your product.
  • Before you claim for the product replacement, check your WD Hard Disk Drive’s warranty status by following the quick steps given below.
  • Sign in to the official site of the Western Digital product.
  • Navigate to the Warranty & Returns tab and select the Warranty Status option.
  • Now the Check Your Warranty Status screen will appear on the screen.
  • Choose your WD product from the Product Type drop-down menu.
  • Select your Place of Residence or Country. Enter your Product’s Serial Number in the given field. 
  • Tap the checkbox beside I’m not a robot and click the Submit button.
  • If your WD product is in the warranty period, then the in Limited Warranty message will be displayed under the Status section.
  • Now, go to the Product Replacement page by clicking the Warranty & Return tab.
  • If you already have the WD account, enter your credentials in the given field and click the Login button.
  • If not, click the REGISTER NOW! button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After registering your WD product, navigate to the WD Product Support screen.
  • Locate the RMA section and click the Create option.
  • Now the registered WD product will appear on the screen.
  • Tap the Create an RMA option to continue with the process.
  • To finish the replacement process, you will be asked to enter the reason for the replacement.
  • Specify the reason and click the Continue button. Now you will be asked to fill the Shipping Address field.
  • After filling the address field, click the ADD NEW ADDRESS button.
  • Now a pop-up message will appear on the screen intimating that you have successfully applied for your WD product replacement.

Update Firmware HDD Western Digital

  • The firmware update is available for some specific Western Digital Hard Disk Drive. Go to the official site of the WD and select your product.
  • Check if the latest version of the firmware is available for your product.
  • If available, tap the Download button.
  • Once the firmware update is downloaded, install it on your system by following the on-screen instructions.
  • To get more technical assistance, click the Call button available on this screen.

Western Digital External HDD Not Showing Up

Perform the guided troubleshooting instructions given below to fix the Western Digital External Hard Disk Drive not showing up issue.

Using Disk Drill:

  • First, try to reboot your system in Safe mode.
  • To do that, navigate to the Settings section on your system.
  • Tap Update & Security Recovery Advanced Startup Restart Now.
  • Now your PC reboots and the Start Settings screen will appear.
  • Tap the F4 button on your system’s keyboard.
  • Now your system reboots in Safe Mode.
  • Check if your WD Hard Disk Drive is detected in the Drive’s section.
  • If not, update your WD HDD Driver to the latest version.
  • To get remote assistance in fixing any of your hard drive issue, click the Call button available on this screen.