Western Digital Hdd Cable

Western Digital Hdd Cable is a manufacturer of hard disk drives and external storage devices such as MY Passport, My Cloud, Seagate 6TB IronWolf Pro v11, WD Black 6TB, WD Blue 1 TB, etc.WD external drives are connected using a standard USB cable. The WD hard disk drives are connected using the USB 3.0(connection type is USB 3.0 to Micro B) cable. The USB 3.0 cable is 18 inches in length and comes in both black and white colors. It is compatible with My Passport Essential, My Passport Slim, My Passport Ultra, and many more WD products. USB 3.0 interface supports data transfer rates up to 5 GB per second. Using a USB 2.0 interface, you will receive the data at a port speed of up to 480 MB per second.

Carry out these steps to connect a hard drive disk with the PC using an HDD cable:

  • First, you need to connect the external hard disk drive to the electrical supply using the AC adapter.
  • After connecting the power cord, power up the HDD(Hard Disk Drive).
  • Make sure that the PC is turned on before connecting the HDD.
  • Plug one end of the USB 3.0 cable into the HDD’s USB port and the other end to the PC’s USB port.
  • The hard disk drive will be detected automatically on the computer screen if the USB connection is established successfully.
Western Digital Hdd Cable