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Western Digital My Cloud App For Windows

The Western Digital(WD) provides WD SmartWare Pro, which is WD My Cloud application used to access WD My Cloud device.The My Cloud users will initially download the standard version of WD SmartWare software, and it will automatically upgrade to its latest versions as WD SmartWare Pro.

  • You can download the WD SmartWare software from the manufacturer’s site.
  • After downloading the software, launch the WD SmartWare from the desktop for installation.
  • WD SmartWare software will secure your data automatically, displays your backup process, recovers the lost files, and also enables you to customize your backups. 
  • It makes the automatic backup protection until your My Cloud and the computer are connected to the same device network. 
  • Once the device gets disconnected from your network, the backup protection will be stopped temporarily, but it will resume the backup protection when it reconnects to the device network.
  • The WD My Cloud device is not compatible with the Windows Vista Backup and Restore feature, therefore use WD SmartWare to back up files to the My Cloud device.

Western Digital My Cloud Iphone App

The WD My Cloud app is also supported on iPhone devices.You can download the WD My Cloud app from the Apple store.It provides robust access and product management for iOS platforms.

Carry out these steps to download and install the My Cloud app on iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, navigate to the Apple store.
  • Type WD My Cloud in the search box and select the WD My Cloud icon.
  • Tap the Download button or GET option near to the WD My Cloud icon.
  • Wait until the application gets downloaded.
  • Tap the OPEN button to open the application.
  • Accept the End User License Agreement(EULA) and go to the setup page.
  • Log in using your MyCloud.com account or tap the Connect to local device option to add the WD My Cloud product. 
  • Now, you can access the WD My Cloud remotely from anywhere at any time.

Western Digital My Cloud App Download

WD My Cloud application can be downloaded from the Google play store or Apple store application.If you are a Windows user, you can download the WD SmartWare software for accessing your My Cloud device.If you are using Mac, you can download WD Sync to synchronize your file to the My Cloud device on your network.It also supports both Mac and Windows Operating Systems (OS).


Western Digital My Cloud App Android

WD My Cloud app for Android provides users to access their cloud storage easily from anywhere.You can download the WD My Cloud app from Google play store.After the installation of the WD My Cloud app on your Android mobile, connect your My Cloud product with the application.

Follow these steps to add the My Cloud device with the Android application:

  • Open the My Cloud app on your Android mobile.
  • Tap the View license agreement option and read the End User License Agreement(EULA).
  • Tap the Agree option to accept the EULA.
  • Swipe right on the screen to get into the My Cloud Setup screen.
  • Choose the Connect to local device option or log in with your MyCloud.com account.
  • Log in to your MyCloud.com account using the Email-ID and Password.
  • It will display the registered devices on MyCloud.com and automatically connects to the mobile app.
  • Select your My Cloud product and tap the OK button to complete the process.
  • Now, select the destination containing the Android storage files to upload them automatically to the My Cloud device.
  • Select the folders and media types to access the content using My Cloud app on an Android device.
  • If you still have issues with connecting My Cloud device to Android mobile, contact our technical team by clicking the Call button available on this screen.

Western Digital My Cloud App For Mac

  • Western Digital provides WD Sync software for Mac to access and synchronize the My Cloud device.
  • The WD Sync is readily available for download on the official site.
  • The file size, version, and release date are mentioned near to the Download button on the manufacturer’s site. 
  • WD Sync supports all the versions of the Mac Operating System(OS). WD Sync is mainly used to synchronize your file to the My Cloud device.
  • After downloading the software, extract the zip file and give a double-click on the WD Sync Installer to start the installation process. WD Sync creates and maintains the copies of the data from the Mac on a network connection

Western Digital My Cloud App For Windows 10

  • There is no specific My Cloud application for Windows 10, but the WD Sync software and WD SmartWare are available to access the WD My Cloud device.
  • Both WD Sync and WD SmartWare support Windows 10 and other Operating System(OS) versions.
  • The working method is the same for all the Windows versions.

Western Digital My Cloud Desktop App

  • WD My Cloud Desktop app is a utility installed on a Windows or Mac computer that allows the local and remote access to a My Cloud device. 
  • The My Cloud Desktop app can be used by the people to access the shared media on a WD-connected network device.
  • The WD My Cloud Desktop app is no longer available on the official site.
  • If you are already using the WD My Cloud Desktop app and it stops working suddenly, you can use the WD Sync or WD SmartWare software to connect with the My Cloud device.